Author Interview – Blesson Selvanesan

City Life Church   -  

How long have you been going to CLC?

Since September 2013.

What do you enjoy the most about writing for CLC Starter?

It gives me another opportunity to set some time apart, read and meditate on the word of God.

If you had to comment on your writing style, how would you describe it?

Short and up to the point, but it will end up looking like a bare bone philosophical or scientific argument or commentary. So, often I will have to pause, think again, and add some rhetoric to give it an easy read and feel to it. I will assume, that CLC Starter is something that will read on the go, so I try to make it simple and give a nugget from the Word to munch on for a day.

Tell everyone your favorite verse and also favorite book of the Bible?

Very hard to pick one, so many are popping up in my mind. As a scientist, Genesis 1: 1 ‘In the Beginning God…’ is profound. This verse hangs in my office to remind me (and everyone who walks in) that there cannot be anything without God in the equation. Favorite Book: Proverbs, it teaches me common sense.

Favorite Christian book that you would recommend?

Several. The writings of Leonard Ravenhill profoundly impacted me. His book Why Revival Tarries is a masterpiece that stirs one’s soul.

Favorite non-Christian book that you would recommend?

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. I do recommend reading biographies of people who fight against all odds to become somebody.

If someone would want to get started with writing, what would be your one recommendation?

Read, read until one’s mind become a fountain of ideas. One will have no choice but will have start writing. Discipline is also key.

Tell us your favorite hobby (besides writing)?

Gardening and traveling.