Introduction – Journey to the Cross

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Within our society, it is easy to find ourselves too busy to take a deep breath and sit still. We find it difficult to spend time in God’s Word and to bask in His presence. Sometimes, we may need something to slow us down as we are going too fast in our daily lives.
In our world today, we are dealing with a major crisis in a deadly virus that is taking the lives of thousands. As Christians, this is a time that we can step up to serve others, and it is also a time where we need to rely on God’s help more than ever. It is different type of crisis. A few years ago we were dealing with Hurricane Harvey and going out to help others was as easy as…well, going out. We were blessed to have a church that was not flooded and this became our headquarters to help others. Though, with a virus, being socially responsible wont be going, but instead, to stay inside.
While we sit at home, we may find time to keep ourselves busy by watching TV or playing games, but should this be it? Should we not take this additional time to lift our eyes up to Heaven? To find ourselves remembering who we are and who we serve? As Psalm 123:1 says, “I lift up my eyes to you, to you who sit enthroned in Heaven.” If we can, in the quietness of our house, rest from the craziness of life, then we can forget the worries of tomorrow, and bask in the presence of our Savior, and our God, who sits on the throne of Heaven. He knows our every need and will provide for us and give us the ability to pray for others and the world around us. When the time comes to step outside, we will be ready to serve.
So, in this time, we ask that you to continue and journey with us, to remember our Savior’s path to the Cross. We began writing on the book of John last year and will continue with John chapter 12 this week. It is the start of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, where he would be wrongfully tried, falsely accused, and put to death on the Cross. A cross that we should have been put on, and a death that we deserved. Yet, our mighty Savior, He took this sin upon Himself, freeing us to live without the condemnation that this would have brought. He then conquered the grave and sin, so we will be conquerors through Him as well. This new life, this new creation that we become gives us the freedom to live and to serve others. To let those around us know that something is wrong with this world full of sin. There will be a new earth and a new creation waiting for us after this life is over.
I want to challenge you in this time, to set aside the time for God in these trials. To praise him for all that He has done in your life and to remember all He is doing for you now. Let Him be your Rock, your Foundation, and your Shield. May you find joy for what He has done for you and what He has done for a broken world, to bring us back to Him.
His journey to the cross is our journey towards Him. Treasure His words in your heart and you will find peace and comfort in your daily lives.
So lift your eyes up to God, the one who sits enthroned in Heaven, and find yourself treasuring the slow time of life that this crisis has brought. To pour into the lives of those you love and to see life for what it truly is.
Stefan Johnsson
Chief-Editor, CLC Starter