Mission Global


Below is a list of our global missionaries. Our goal, and our joy is to love and serve these amazing people by joining with them in God’s mission. We strive to send these great people our prayers, possessions, and people to equip them for the noble work God has called them to. If you would like any specific information on one of our global missionaries see their page below. We implore you to consider how you can join God’s mission to “all the nations of the earth” through one of these God and people loving missionaries.


Pastor Israel’s connection goes back almost 15 years ago when he and our Lead Pastor Chris both attended the same Bible School as young men. In 2013, after not being in touch for a decade, Pastor Israel and Pastor Chris were reunited and have not looked back since.

In the summer of 2015 CLC was lined up to send 12 people from our church to visit India and join Pastor Israel in the work they are doing there. Unfortunately, all members of our team had their visas denied for an unknown and non communicated reason. Even though one week before our trip to India we had to communicate to Pastor Israel that we could not come and see him, he and a team of 8 men from his local church went ahead and did the work they had planned for us to do.

That week in July of 2015 Pastor Israel and his brothers drove 12 hours to an area in southern India, and then hiked about 2 hours to a remote village named Mannoor. There they gathered the whole town of about 100-150 people and told them the story of Jesus and the Gospel. This was the very first time they ever heard the name Jesus before. They responded with much joy and curiosity to learn more about this Jesus and invited them back to the village. The next paragraph was written by Pastor Israel to our team after the journey to Mannoor.

“Our team feels that God is asking us to minister to this particular village called Mannoor. We feel a great burden to go back to establish a great work of God. The good news is the villagers want to give us land to build a church. We also want to start educational programs and open medical camps. Please share with your team what the Lord has done in the mission field. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!”

As a response to the people of Mannoor being open to the Gospel CLC will be joining Pastor Israel in serving these 100-150 people. Our prayer is that God will use CLC to bring the Gospel into the hearts of every man, woman, and child in Mannoor.

We will be posting opportunities for people in Houston to be involved in this great work in Mannoor soon.

Please start praying for these people and Pastor Israel.


Matt is a dear friend of CLC and an ex-campus minister of the University of Houston. In 2010 he and his family packed up everything and moved to Marseille, France to start a new church planting movement. They have four kids, and Matt and Christie have been married for many years.

Below is Matt’s latest newsletter to CLC:

What’s Love Got To Do With It?…

Remember that song that Tina Turner made famous back in the 80’s? Well, if you’re funding a missionary, covering someone in intercessory prayer or packing your bags for the mission field, LOVE has everything to do with it. Jesus defined love so beautifully when he said, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down his life for another.” Isn’t that essentially what we are doing when we set aside our own convenience/time/vision/finance (just fill in the blank) for someone else?

Your prayers, encouragement, friendship and financial partnership with our ministry make Matt and I feel so loved. We thank God for His Great Love and we thank God for you.


In December, my (Matt’s) parents were scheduled to spend Christmas with us here in Marseille, but my mother was taken strangely by numbness in her hands and feet around Thanksgiving, and sadly, they had to cancel their trip. The amazing news is that after 8 weeks of prayer and seeing the doctors, she has had an unexpected and surprising comeback. She now has feeling in both hands and feet. We look forward to spending time with them later this year.


We finished off the end of the year (including New Year’s eve) with a staff retreat that was a fun mixture of R&R and team building. There is nothing quite like a little friendly competition to build strong bonds of love between team mates. (Btw, if you’re looking for a new fun board game, Settler’s of Catan is a team favorite.)


Speaking of our team, we will be growing by two. Pastors Ryan and Marita Caley, from Johannesburg, South Africa, will be joining us in Marseille. Their tickets are purchased and their big move is this upcoming May. Our team is looking forward to co-laboring with them and we are expectant of all that God wants to do in this new year. Please keep Ryan and Marita and their two boys, Daniel and Evan, in your prayers during this season of transition.


I took three of our staff to the first France Fusion Gathering of Campus Workers in Lyon in mid-January. We were honored to share all that God is doing to touch hearts and change lives of students in Marseille. We are now better connected than ever as we move forward strategically in reaching the college campuses of Marseille and anywhere else the Lord leads. While there, I was invited to tour a brand new Catholic University overseen by one of the fastest growing Catholic churches in France. While touring the facility with the Priest/chaplain, he allowed us to pray with him. It was obvious (and glorious) to me that his vision for reaching students was increased as he connected with other campus ministers of the gospel.

More exciting beginnings this year to pray for:

1) Small groups in Paris and Aix-en-Provence

2) Bible School in Marseille

3) Monthly bi-lingual services

4) Matt leading mission trip to Moscow in September, Wahoo!!!

– Matt and Christy


Arie was born in Israel to the first Messianic Jewish family. His father is known as one of the pioneers of the Messianic Jewish faith in Israel before the birth of the country in 1948. As an infant, Arie survived the Arab riots, the War of Independence, and the siege of Jerusalem. During the Six Day war and Yom Kippur war, Arie served as a commander of a paratrooper unit. Honorably, he served in all but one of Israel’s wars since 1967.

In addition to his patriotism, he is a gifted musician that played double bass for the Jerusalem symphony and traveled around the world for his musical talent. After his musical career, he decided to dedicate his life to building the first Christian Kibbutz in Israel where he served over 20 years as the head carpenter at Kibbutz Yad Hashmona.

Today, he serves as a tour architect and oversees tour guides. Recently, he was mentioned as one of the most influential believers in Israel by Charisma magazine. Above all, he is a gifted Bible teacher and serves in various churches and organizations as a teacher and counsellor to Messianic Pastors and leaders in Israel and abroad.

Arie prayer requests:

– For health as he continues to guide all around Israel

– For wisdom on teaching God’s word

– For his family

– For rest


Fikri was born in Cairo, Egypt into a Coptic Christian family. He couldn’t find true faith in religion, so he became an atheist at age twelve. He studied many religions and pursued secularism and skepticism, but none of it brought him any joy. At fifteen, he challenged God and asked, “If you exist, show up.” He showed up and called Fikri to serve Him. Fikri answered. He gave his life to Christ and moved from Egypt to Bolivia with his parents and became a missionary.

After arriving in Latin America, he earnestly prayed, “Lord, if this is my mission field, I want to learn Spanish properly.” God answered. In only six weeks, Fikri was able to speak Spanish like a born Latino. Spanish is just one of the several languages that Fikri has become fluent in. While in Bolivia, he studied at the Assemblies of God Seminary where he met his wife, Margot.

Since then, Fikri and Margot have dedicated their lives to planting churches, teaching seminary and Bible training programs and preaching the Gospel throughout the world. A recurring theme in his preaching has been focused on missions to the Middle East, specifically God’s call to the Latinos to reach the Middle East.

His vision is now becoming a reality. He recently returned from the first world council of Latino missions specifically focused on the Muslim world. The purpose of the conference was to prepare Latin America to respond to the growing Islamic influence.

Please pray for Fikri’s trip to Turkey.