Here at City Life Church we love seeing couples enthusiastic about preparing for their marriage so they can be successful for a lifetime of commitment to one another. Below is some information about our pre-marital coaching for couples at City Life.

We typically do seven sessions with each couple. Six sessions before the wedding and the last session scheduled six months after the wedding as a follow up to see how you all are doing. These can be one session per week or every other week depending on the schedule arranged between the coach and the couple.

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There is a small fee for the SYMBIS test ($35/couple) that you will pay in order to take it. We will need both of your email addresses and full names in order to send it to you. You can order the workbook as well from the link above or we can order it for you, in which you will pay for the books at or before the first session scheduled.

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The way our coaching works begins with one of our coaches meeting with the couple and to go through about 7 sessions with them using an incredible tool called SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts). You can find out more about SYMBIS below.

If you are interested in our program the SYMBIS test takes about 30 minutes and you both take it separately. The results are emailed to one of our coaches (as certified instructors) and we can then set up a meeting to go over the results and help prepare/assess you for marriage.


We also have a workbook that each couple goes through together and discusses with their pre-marital coach during their meeting time.